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Church Room Booking Software


Make the Most of your Bookable Space

  • The Church Room Booking software is available to staff and customers, wherever they are.
  • Available for as little as £30, with no IT expertise required.
  • Manages all meeting types from small gatherings to large recitals.
  • Tracks all meeting costs, including space, catering, A/V equipment and other extras.
  • Automatically creates confirmations and invoices for your customers.
  • Recurring bookings can be made in seconds.
  • Brand the software for a polished look.

Fast Track Room Booking software for Churches provides a focal point for church members, leaders and customers. Depending on the permissions you allow, users can review, create, edit and cancel bookings from your offices, their homes, and customer locations.

Self-service will drive up the utilisation of your church room and space booking, and increase revenue from customer activities. If you prefer, your customers can be allowed to review and request bookings by themselves, leading to confirmation by your key staff.


See how to find available rooms and create confirmed bookings in about Ten Seconds. Simple bookings can easily be expanded to include catering, A/V equipment instructions, internal/external visitors and charging info.


Web-based Room, Hall and Space Booking, with Full Resource Control

Fast Track Room Booking software will help you get the mosy out of your bookable space, and save your staff time, by managing all areas of room/hall/space bookings and resources (catering, portering, A/V equipment, etc.). Licences available from £1 per user per day. For further details, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Key Church Room Booking aspects:

- Automatic email confirmation for staff and customers

- Booking management for all rooms, halls and other spaces

- Manage resources: catering, A/V equipment, front desk and more

- Self-service allows customers to browse or book by themselves

- Dramatically increase availability and customer revenue

Fast Track Room Booking automates all aspects of room, desk and space booking, and resources (catering, A/V, porters, Outlook, Active Directory, etc.). It will inexpensively provide Self-Service enquiry or booking access for all your staff, and ncrease your room utilisation %.

Fast Track Room Booking also provides Real Time Access for Service Providers. No longer will you be limited to a daily catering, visitor or A/V instruction print out. Whether service providers are on your staff or external contractors, they will have live access to full requirements details, and will be notified to check their views when there are last-minute changes. 

Utilising Email and Text notifications, Fast Track Room Booking keeps applicable staff members and service probiders up to date on all aspects which concern them. Fast Track Alerts reminds staff when bookings are approaching, and also reminds them to cancel in a timely way if the booking is no longer needed.

The Preview Pack includes brochures, webinar deatils, evaluation software download links (where applicable) and details of licences from £1 per user per day.