Fast Track Mobile


Fast Track Room Booking will automate your operations and save your staff time, by managing all areas of meeting room management, conferences, hot-desks, and resources such as catering, portering and visitors.


Real-Time Access empowers your staff, customers and engineers

The Fast Track Mobile software is designed so that the application works just as well WITHOUT an Internet connection as with: ideal for remote maintenance management work where signals are poor.

Fast Track Mobile will help you realise many benefits:

- REAL TIME UPDATES mean savings from a reduced resource requirement for back office staff.

- COST CONTROL as completion signatures are captured in real time, to aid with invoicing.

- DEPLOYMENT SAVINGS from little or no outlay on new hardware, and zero training costs.

Using the BIG BUTTON approach, engineers can manage jobs in REAL TIME, with no installation on their Smartphones - the software is simply downloaded by users clicking a URL on their Android, iPhone or Blackberry smartphone.

Fast Track Mobile for Smartphone fully integrates with the CORE Fast Track Help Desk & PPM components for Windows and Web. Whether jobs are automatically generated by PPM, logged by call centre staff, or by customer self-service, engineers and service providers will be aware of them, wherever they are. Smartphone access can be added for a low per-user cost.

How does Fast Track Mobile for Smartphone work?

When engineers press the link or type the URL for the mobile application on your website for the first time, the whole application is downloaded (and updated if necessary).

The logo page appears, and after a few seconds (or when the user presses the Main Menu button), the simple "Big Button" main menu appears. Most selections can be made with a "one-handed click".

From the Main Menu, users view jobs, and sync with the server, to pass on their updates and receive any new jobs. After jobs are received, the application works perfectly well even if no Internet or WiFi connection is available. This provides for Smartphone Maintenance Management even when underground.

Contact us or get a test drive for brochures, webinar deatils, evaluation software download links (where applicable) and details of licences from £1 per user per day.